I have not ridden a decent road bike in over a decade as have mostly been cycling off-road. I now have a partner with a very nice road bike and we want to do some sporty self-guided tours together (with luggage transfers), so am looking for a comfortable bike for all-day riding at a price point of between £1,500 - £2,000. Have had some knee issues while cycling so will want a professional fitting to get things right, so am considering buying from either Mosquito Bikes or Cyclefit (both in London). I have never ridden a carbon frame bike before, so I am tempted, but I am also mindful that steel is billed to be the best material for a comfortable ride.

I have created a poll using Doodle and listed some of the options that I have come across so far. Please tell me which bike you would vote for and why, or whether you would recommend another bike altogether (if so, please add a comment to the poll to tell me which bike).

I would also welcome comments if you have views on whether Mosquito Bikes or Cyclefit do a better fitting or whether you have experience with after-sales service with either of them.

Here is a link to the poll: http://www.doodle.com/gp67qp2qbnpsk7i5

Many thanks for your help.


neilwheel [133 posts] 8 years ago

Choosing a bike shouldn't be about peer approval; it should be about finding the right fit and walking out the bike shop with a bike that suits your intended use.

So, start with an open mind and take the advice of both the shops you mentioned. They have the experience and will offer you advice which will be based on your needs, not received knowledge or the opinions of others. After all, no two bike riders are the same; what worked for one person may not work for you.
Both shops offer an excellent fitting service.
Both shops are at the top of their game.
Both shops offer a diversity of brands.

Whether or not they can supply a bike that suits your needs and is within your budget is something best discussed with the shops in question. They're the experts.

Cervelo12 [78 posts] 8 years ago

Dear Kurvenal

Whatever you do don't use cyclefit, it will be the worst 200 quid+ you'll ever spend. I went to see them and I've had nothing but problems ever since, 3 bikes later and alot of sore parts of body I've finally found out that their measurements weren't even in the same ballpark of what they should have been. In fact i've been told the set up they recommended is damm right dangerous.
I'm so angry that they completely ruined my power output and pedalling style for suggesting a stupidly big frame size, saddle height and a stupid handlebar height (yes one of those angled stems in the air)
3 years of hard training getting nowwhere because of these jokers.

Finally i'm now seeing the light in a comfortable position producing more power and without the pain and sore bits. Try anyone but cyclefit - i know viner have a well respected fit technician come over to the Uk every month- maybe contact them.
Mosquito use the same system as cyclefit; serotta (i think).

ChrisO [10 posts] 8 years ago

You've got a good budget, you are worried about fit, and you are open to steel - why not get a custom built frame from Roberts.

It will be the most comfortable thing you will ever ride.

Every time I go back to my Roberts I feel like I am slipping on a glove. And it will have everything you need or want for light touring.

It's four years since I got mine but all up it was about £1800, including Veloce/Centaur groupset and Mavic Open Pros plus a light Tubus rack and guards.