Hi guys,

My name's Matt and I'm working on behalf of Nokia on a competition that asked hackers and modders to push Nokia's new handset, N900, to its limits. The judges picked the three best submissions and one of those was a 'Bike Dashboard' that allows users to track GPS, take pics and use the integrated speedometer amongst other features.

Just wanted to get some feedback from you guys and to let you know over the next few weeks that the team behind 'Bike Dashboard' (BrettSarahTops) will be building their prototype in time to present to a panel of judges at CITA expo in Vegas.

You can check out their progress so far here: http://blogs.nokia.com/pushn900/usa/category/bike-dashboard/

Looking forward to seeing what you guys think of the project!


dave atkinson [6349 posts] 8 years ago

looks really interesting - keep us posted on how you get on. from the vid it looks like you're making a speedometer - can you not use the GPS signal to do those sums?

mattbrawn [2 posts] 8 years ago


I'm not building it personally, I'm just helping spread the word about the project for the team.  1

They looked at using GPS for Speedometer as well as sensors and think they're still working towards being able to use either the sensors or the GPS to determine the speed. For times when data connectivity isn't great for example.

mattbrawn [2 posts] 7 years ago

Just wanted to update you all that the Bike Dashboard concept was the judges choice for 1st prize of $10,0000!

The judges loved the concept and judged it on feasability, conversation generation and it using a variety of the N900's capabilities.

You can check out more about the concept and the other teams of finalists over on the blog: http://blogs.nokia.com/pushn900/usa