Indoor Interval Training Sessions Request

by Skardy   December 30, 2008  

Has anyone got any suggestions for Interval Training sessions that can be done in about an hour on a static bike in the gym. The bikes have HR monitors and cadence measurements.

The plan is to do 2-3 lunchtime sessions a week and a decent outdoor ride at the weekend until the nights get lighter.

The aim at the moment is simply to help me ride faster for longer! B)

Any ideas will be greatfully received!

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The time honoured 2 x 20min intervals (5 mins rest between intervals) at FTP are a good session that fits in an hour

Also I like 7 x 4min intervals (1 min rest between intervals) at above FTP.

FTP is functional threshold power, and is basically the maximum power you can sustain for 1 hour (we are talking absolute max not just a hard pace)

Do the bikes have power measurements? I find power is a very good way of keeping the pressure on for this type of interval, as HR will tend to increase gradually over the interval for the same power output.

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posted by DaSy [649 posts]
31st December 2008 - 12:20


Thanks DaSy,

Unfortunately the bikes to not have power measurement so Heart rate and cadence are the only measures I can use.

However I am thinking I can still apply the sessions using heart rate, probably about 80% although it will take part of the session to reach that level.

I'll give that a go to guage if 80% is a sensible level.

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posted by Skardy [97 posts]
31st December 2008 - 14:41

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have a little look at for some programmes on the turbo.

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posted by jimmythecuckoo [1299 posts]
31st December 2008 - 16:08

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Looking at my power and heart rate zones, you would be looking at around the upper part of zone 4 HR for the 4 min intervals and lower part of zone 4 for the 2 x 20's.

That probably equates to around 90-92% on the 4 mins and 85% on the 2 x 20's. They're not supposed to be pleasant, but they are pretty effective for me at least.

As I said before, you need to account for the fact that your HR will creep up over the period of the interval for the same power.

I tend to do 6 x 4 at a set power, then next session 7 x 4 at the same power, then back to 6 x 4 but increase the power slightly, then 7 x 4 at the increased level etc.

you really don't want to have anything left in the tank at the end of the 2 x 20's but it takes a few sessions to get to the point where you know how hard you can go, as you want to hold the output steady for the whole interval so start a little lower and keep pushing harder each session until you find the threshold. The 5 mins in between really doesn't have the right to go so quickly!

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posted by DaSy [649 posts]
31st December 2008 - 19:05