My accident this morning Advice needed pls

by cchead77   March 3, 2010  


I need a bit of advice. I had an accident on the way to work this morning. I was cycling along a road when a man wheeling his bike, walked out between two cars. I couldn’t stop and rode straight into his bike. I have the usual grazes bruising and cut and my clothing is damaged. The guy was extremely apologetic and tried to be as helpful as possible even inviting me into his house for a cup of tea (it happened right outside his house). We exchanged details and I carried on my journey as somehow my bike was damaged.

The thing is that I’m now worried. I hope and believe that this will all be settled amicably and I will be compensated for my damaged clothing but I completely buckled his back wheel. Could I be liable for that? We didn’t involve the police etc so I just worried that he might not pay or then expect me to compensate him for the damaged wheel as it is basically his word now against mine.

Is there something else that that I should do? Shall I get police involved? Any help or experiences would be greatly appreciated.

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Hm, that's a tricky one. If there are no witnesses then it pretty much does boil down to your word against his, so i'd recommend that you report it to the police if only to have your version of events on record. If neither of you have third party insurance then fighting for compensation – if it's not forthcoming – will be fairly long-winded and very possibly not worth your while, the same applies to him if he tries to sting you for the cost of a new wheel.

I'd check your bike for crash damage too, particularly around and beneath the head tube and down tube junction. if the paint is cracked or flaked at all then you've probably bent your frame. It's not always obvious when the adrenaline's pumping after a stack.

He sounds like a reasonable guy so here's hoping he's reasonable about seeing you right...

Anyone been in a similar situation? i've collided with the odd car in my time but not another cyclist...

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7861 posts]
3rd March 2010 - 17:29


It might also be worth reporting it to the police just in case you need to claim on your insurance - they might want a police incident number. Here's hoping that it doesn't come to that though.

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3rd March 2010 - 17:34


Parked cars really are dangerous. I give them a very wide berth, but only after learning the hard way. I hit a dog which ran out from behind a parked car, went over my handlebars and broke my wrist.

two wheels good; four wheels bad

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4th March 2010 - 12:09


Daily Mail would probably give you a point for being injured by a cyclist then take it away again for being one yourself.

Hope it gets sorted out to your satisfaction and your grazes heal soon.

I hate parked cars, try to give them at least a door's width for obvious reasons, but people (or dogs) emerging from between them without looking is an additional hazard we can do without.

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4th March 2010 - 12:17


Have you got British Cycling membership? If so you have access to a solicitor for free and can consult them for advice.

In the event that you have damaged your bike, clothing or yourself, they also seek civil claims on your behalf.

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8th March 2010 - 17:24