by STATO   March 2, 2010  

Do many of you use Twitter? Been using it for a while and finding it quite useful now ive worked out you need to moderate who you are following so you dont waste time reading rubbish.

-Interesting people who post links to (or 'retweet') news that you might not hear on local/national news
-Organisations posting useful info such as @metoffice @sustrans @NewcastleCC etc.
-Websites notifying you of new content (tho see negatives)
-Following bands/DJ's you like is another good way to learn about new bands/music/gigs you might also like.

-Far to many people posting drivel about what they are eating or where they just scratched
-Websites posting all the days stories at once, filling up most of the main page and bumping off other posts [cough]6 stories at once this morning Roadcc[/cough]

looking for some more people to follow to vary my news and interest intake. Any suggestions?


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@jimmythecuckoo is me

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posted by jimmythecuckoo [1348 posts]
2nd March 2010 - 17:02

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To paraphrase Eryka Badu, I'm an analogue boy in a digital world.

I had a Facebook account created for me by my wife about 6 months ago, as it was the suggested way of keeping in touch with Flavio Zappi (cycling club) after years of slating it for being thoroughly pointless. Well, after 6 months of being a user, I will be deleting that very soon!

Twitter is just an even more accentuated version of that pointlessness to me.

I like my watches to be wind-up, my stereo has one knob (for volume control), and had to be forced to put a computer in at home by the other half.

All that, and I'm a manager of an IT team in a large media company!

Bring back the days before mobile phones, when we used to make an arrangement to go out, and all turned up because you couldn't leave someone waiting in town for you with no way of getting in touch. It forced you to not just let people down at the drop of a hat, there is way too much unnecessary communication nowadays...and yes, I do see the irony in posting this on a website!

Complicating matters since 1965

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posted by DaSy [693 posts]
3rd March 2010 - 10:26

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Six stories in one go! You know why we do that? Cos they generate a lot more traffic at the start of the day posted as a block than as individual tweets Smile

Aside from the fact that we usually have a lot of new stories to tweet about at the start of the day.

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
3rd March 2010 - 11:35

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I follow a handful until I get bored. Tried Met Office but it only tells me about weather warnings, but I watch the forecast anyway. I like newsy stuff - cyclingweekly, BCreports, fareground and other local food/event folks. I'd include roadcc but as I already drop in here every day there's no need.

I tried pro cyclists (bradwiggins, Greghenderson1, mcewenrobbie, cxhelen among others) but it can get boring after a while. I like Robbie. Brad has occasionally tweeted something funny/dry but not enough to follow. Never felt the need to follow celebs such as Stephen Fry (up his own ar5e IMO) and a certain Texan cyclist.

Perhaps young riders like Ben Swift (swiftybswift) might be worth checking, and now the season is under way some teams too e.g. BMCproteam, Orbea_FGS.

I prefer news & blog sites, which usually publish content rather than one person's navel-gazing / idleness / personal hygiene notes.

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posted by Simon E [2415 posts]
3rd March 2010 - 13:33

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Good call on Cycling weekly, never thought of the comic. Funnily enough they have linked me onto another good follow (for me) EnduraRacing, who a mate rides for, so good to keep upto date with the racing.

Follow some food ones myself but since i hardly get time to go anywhere other than Tesco they seem rather pointless.

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posted by STATO [467 posts]
3rd March 2010 - 15:33

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STATO, I routinely browse who someone is following as it sometimes unearths people you wouldn't otherwise have thought of. I'll look for Endura now you've mentioned them.

Having looked at Orbea-FGS I luurve the uncluttered team jerseys (by ShuttVR) the riders are wearing in this training video:
Nice bikes and gorgeous weather too, I'm so jealous!

The comic's tweets are often for their online news items but that's fine by me, and they're one of the the first with racing news. Lionelbirnie's own tweets are worth a look now and then too.

I am not a fan of someone posting several items at once either. @Tony, how about 3 at a time first thing then 3 more a bit later?

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posted by Simon E [2415 posts]
3rd March 2010 - 17:53

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I am not a fan of someone posting several items at once either. @Tony, how about 3 at a time first thing then 3 more a bit later?

It often is that way Simon, but if we post stories late at night plus there's three or four first thing in the morning we need to tweet them asap old news loses its value. Probably a bit later we'll tweet any overnight/early morning blogs, but most of that will be before 9 o'clock - we are at our keyboards early so I suppose even though they might look spaced out in our twitter feed they might not in yours if you haven't had any other early morning tweets.

Depending on how many people someone following is following any late night tweets we make will have long gone by the morning so people who weren't on twitter then might well miss them - they're long gone from our screen - and as I say, posting a block of tweets does seem to work first thing. Equally there's no point saving news up during the day so we always try and tweet as we post… unless we forget.

Besides us who are you following at the moment Statto?

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
3rd March 2010 - 19:09

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@demoff is me, I use it like a mini blog and post whatever is in my head at the time. I have one post on my proper blog and find twitter ideal for the lazy blogger.

Yes I will tweet what I am having for breakfast sometimes, I also post links to stuff I find that I think will interest others.

Can live with the mass morning tweet from roadcc its the radioactive wiggle ad that bugs me at the mo.

Who to follow

He is sometimes infrequent but @FakeCav is funny.
@VecchioJo is of course worth a follow as is
@markrenshaw1 @mickrogers @DanFleeman and @Chris_Boardman posts some good stuff.

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posted by demoff [344 posts]
3rd March 2010 - 21:15

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yeah I enjoy Chris Boardman's Tweets

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
3rd March 2010 - 22:13

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The multiple posting irritant is transformed into a bonus if you have twitter client like tweetdeck

Really, though?

posted by workhard [393 posts]
4th March 2010 - 10:02

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When it works, Twitter works really well. We managed to get all the news and results from the UCI Track World Cup Rounds together with one hashtag (#trackworldcup) which meant it was really easy to find out what was going on when there was no TV coverage to follow.

USGS have a brilliant system going where they use searches on words like 'quake' and 'tremor' to pinpoint earthquakes as well.

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posted by AdamML [72 posts]
4th March 2010 - 10:32

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who do i follow, well not that many but here are the highlights (and as i said, they probably dont make sense to anyone but me)

@enduraracing (mate rides for them)
@mmm_newcastle (local food shop)
@metofficeNEEng (north east weather warnings, useful this winter!)
@NewcastleCC (retweets a lot of local interest stuff)
@carltonreid (good for bike news and as he is local to me, local interest stuff)
@lancearmstrong (sorry, not a fanboy but interested in reading what he is doing training wise etc.)
@18bikes (again, good for bike/tech news)

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posted by STATO [467 posts]
4th March 2010 - 11:12

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I use Twitter for personal and professional reasons. One of the things I have most enjoyed is finding local cyclists and seeing what they're up to, what they're commute is like and marvelling at some of their tales.

Can't say I'm as interesting to follow, but it's 140 characters, you're not reading an uninteresting blog are you?

Plus there's also some good competitions to win free schwag I hear.


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posted by AndyyK [40 posts]
4th March 2010 - 17:14

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Worth asking if Shutt will sell the jersey online, they are fab.. I am following them on twitter too @shuttvelorapide

Some very funny postings!

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posted by Fixie Girl [125 posts]
6th March 2010 - 21:49

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lets not forget @Kuota_RoadCC Wink

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posted by STATO [467 posts]
12th March 2010 - 14:31

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Personally I do not see the need for Twitter. Why do I need to create an account and start saying normal things from about my daily activity on a website? Why do I think people would be interested? Why do I need to make friends on the internet? Why do I need to follow the crowd? Why do I need to surrender my privacy? I mean really, don't we all have better things to do?

posted by bobby84 [9 posts]
29th November 2010 - 15:42

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bobby84, i assume by that post youve not even tried using it? In case your worried, its not full of people commenting on how their butter was difficult to spread this morning or whatever (actually it is, but you dont have to follow those people).

This morning i woke up, rolled over, grabbed my phone and went on twitter to find out...

Lesley Neilson had died (numerous sources)
What local schools were close (@NewcastleCC)
What actual outside conditions were (number of local 'tweeters')
The Weather forcast (@metofficeNEEng)
What trains were running (local tweeter)
Plus several smmusing anicdotes
Far too much about x-factor, but some of those will be 'unfollwed' in future
Also found out how some fellow racers did in Sundays CX race.

So, in 5 mins i achieved quite a lot, and i didnt even have to get out of bed.

You dont need to post anything if you dont want to, i only post stuff that is relavent to my 'followers' ie. gernerally bike related stuff or things that is of local interest. You also dont need to 'make friends' (its not facebook) but you might end up with some, i have, it wasnt a concious effort.

Generally i use it as an alternative to watching the news or reading a paper, both of which are full of crap im not interested in. With twitter i can pick and choose what news is fed to me by choosing who i follow. I like it.

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posted by STATO [467 posts]
29th November 2010 - 16:35

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I guess these days it is too hard to ignore the social networking scene if you spend any length of time on the net.

I think the key thing to remember though is they are only tools and as such should be used for the task or job they are designed for.

As interesting as it may be to some about what you just made for dinner, I think some people need to realise people are possibly more interested in things with a bit more substance.

I guess the advantage with Twitter is you can stop following someone when they start posting inane items all day long when they have little else to do? - "It's like a café stop for cyclists online!"

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posted by OneManAndHisBike [21 posts]
26th February 2011 - 14:08

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I'm just getting into Twitter, its a great way of hearing whats going on as it happens, and depending on who you follow there are some quite interesting and funny people out there. It's also a quick way to keep in touch or contact with friends on there

@bradwiggins and @Vaughters are a good pair to follow

Feel free to follow me too, @davidcwhitfield I promise I won't post 6 tweets at once or anything annoying like that Tongue

Avonlea-Treasure Race Team

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posted by roadracedave [75 posts]
27th February 2011 - 0:58

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OneManAndHisBike wrote:
I think the key thing to remember though is they are only tools and as such should be used for the task or job they are designed for.

Think that hits the nail on the head. There are so many tools and apps. around that you can end up reading information for its own sake and then realising that you've just wasted a load of time on nothing of any consequence.

I think some folks are attracted to tweeting a lot because there's an element of celebrityness about it, even though its actually not making you famous at all, its broadcast to the great web out there, so it feels like it.

We're pretty much on the road to being wired up like Stavros to gadgets of one sort or another eventually - our next evolutionary step !

At least us lot will still escape on bikes to the great outdoors.

posted by terrytubby [13 posts]
4th March 2011 - 11:01

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Sadly some people don't get that escape part.

How many people do you see riding a bike and yapping on a phone or even texting while riding...

& I cringe at the coffee stop when the Blackberries all start emerging. Yawn - "It's like a café stop for cyclists online!"

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posted by OneManAndHisBike [21 posts]
4th March 2011 - 12:43

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