Were you in a group riding on the B3227 near Bampton yesterday afternoon?

by sponging-machine   December 22, 2008  

If so,perhaps you'd like to go back and pick up the gel wrappers that I saw several of you discard to the floor!

Thanks for littering the countryside through your laziness. Perhaps you'd like to come to my local beach and leave a load of broken glass about this summer?

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The ToB are having to do environmental impact studies now due to question raised by local councils about how much crap the racers discard let alone the race 'caravan'.

Cyclist who chuck gel/bar wrappers, tin foil from their sandwiches and cakes need a kick up the arse in my view. Take it home!

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posted by mst [38 posts]
22nd December 2008 - 17:08


 … see it can happen Smile

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
22nd December 2008 - 17:18


that's one of the only downsides of living in lovely Bath, there's not many places that are further from a decent beach - 'decent beach' being the opposite to 'weston super mare beach' in my opinion. you have to go all the way to studland when the sun's shining.

totally agree about the litter though. not like a gel wrapper takes up a lot of space, is it?

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7856 posts]
22nd December 2008 - 17:21


...I was on this road as I was driving from Barnstaple to the Quantocks for some mountain biking. Got up there and found a load of McDonalds litter strewn across the ridge.


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posted by sponging-machine [109 posts]
23rd December 2008 - 15:58

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Yeah well known fact that empty wrappers are 14.23 times more dense than when full.

posted by kevonakona [5 posts]
26th December 2008 - 21:58