SRAM Power link

by Skardy   September 8, 2008  

Has anyone got any tips or handy techniques on how to open a stubborn SRAM power link?

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Need zen power on this one. The more you force them the more stubborn they become. All they should need is a very light, opposable push on each link. Clean the chain to clear out the dirt. It really should be easy unless you've damaged the link.

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
9th September 2008 - 10:25


A good spray of GT85 to start with should clear out any grit from the powerlink.

The secret is then to squeeze the plates together slightly, with a slide then to undo them. When you do it, it will seem much easier than you thought!

posted by ourmaninthenorth [93 posts]
11th September 2008 - 11:21


Needle nose pliers are the ideal tool for this

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posted by Sanyi [15 posts]
11th September 2008 - 13:03


Thanks for all the tips Folks, it turned out that the gentle "Zen like" approach worked first time, didn't even need any GT85.

Lucky really as I don't own any thin nosed pliers at the moment!!!

Thanks again all - much appreciated

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posted by Skardy [98 posts]
13th September 2008 - 18:57