Christmas shopping or out on the bike

by thebikeboy   December 12, 2008  

Dunno about you, but I'm 'massively conflicted' this weekend, got to get some ride time in… Crying but life is not going to be worth living if I don't show willing on the Christmas shopping front.

Any suggestions?

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Tricky. I'd love to help, but I'm in the same situation myself… Crying Crying Crying

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posted by Denzil Dexter [141 posts]
12th December 2008 - 18:08


Lights, would be the answer - stretch that day, that's presuming you don't have a severe weather warning where you are that makes the day not worth stretching

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
13th December 2008 - 0:17


The weather down here was hideous, so my long ride was on the Fortius. I've not been outside on a ride now for 10 days, so that's 7 rides on it in that time!

It's been mostly watts based intervals - 6 x 4 mins above AT or 2 x 20 mins above TT, so all pretty tough. Today I did the full Pyrenees stage on Fortius, that was up the Col du Peyresourde down to Col Azet, up and over that and then finish off with the Pla D'Adet, about 3 hours of mostly climbing. I'm really glad that the Pla D'Adet isn't on the itinerary for my Trans Pyrenees ride next summer, that is a gruesome climb.

I really want to get outside and ride, I just can't stand crapping up my nice bike, and can't get motivated to ride my not so nice bike...

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posted by DaSy [693 posts]
13th December 2008 - 19:37


recovering from a nasty virus that had me laid low all of last week, and it's left me a smoker's cough that i just can't shift - even light exercise has me hacking up lung butter like andy fordham before he halved his bodyweight - anyone else seen him recently? weird.

anyhow, no fun for me. not even 'fun' in the sense of christmas shopping. hmph. and this bloody cough's going to linger for weeks, i just know it.

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7857 posts]
13th December 2008 - 22:03


HA HA - I got it sorted- checked weather forecast in week - weather for saturday was to be crap & sunday not too bad - So brownie point awarded as on wednesday i sugested a crim-bo shop for saturday - even arranged grand parents to have the off-spring. Result - shopping done in shitty weather & a good 40plus ride this morning- & the sun shines out of my bum!! HAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

posted by Simon [59 posts]
14th December 2008 - 14:50