Hi all, Im a old, 24" mtb, bmx, aswell as fixed gear messenger rider.
I find my fixed "race" bike a little too weak for me..
im all new to the concept of fixed freestyle bikes..

So i need some help and links too where i can find frames that fit for theese bikes, im talking straight forks, 48 hole hubs. short stems, u get the deal... i got alot of old stuff to use. but what i need is fork headset, and FRAME,
which kind of frame is used for these babys, thanks in advance...


dave atkinson [6357 posts] 8 years ago

first stop for me would be something like the lovely new Identiti Persona:


TRs Blurb n Blog [199 posts] 8 years ago

48 spoke wheels are probably a bit over kill, 36H should be fine.
Look for a frame that can bar spin.
The SE racing bikes do a whole range that should serice your requirements, also the people who do the PK ripper do a 700c version. It is an alloy frame but should be plenty strong enough for fizie tricks. All from Shiner distribution.
14 bike co by the Truman brewery just off brick lane in London make some very nice British custom made frame and forks from a variety of different tube sets.
Volume bikes, who normally make bmx's are on their 3rd version of the Cutter frame and fork.Contact Scoop distribution
NS bikes do a good complete bike from Hotlines distribution.
We have just tested the KHS SOUL as a complete bike it only costs £299. KHS Bikes uk.

I hope that has whet your appetite.

brainster [1 post] 8 years ago

Thx a million guys, links highly appreciated..