I've had my eye on the 2010 Fulcrum Racing 3 2-way-fit wheels, and noted that the Campagnolo Zonda 2010 model is virtually identical, apart from the slightly different spacing of the spokes on the rear wheel. Looking at prices, now that both are beginning to come into stock, I'm surprised that the Fulcrum model is consistently more expensive, with a RRP of £579.99, vs £459.99 for the Zondas.

Still, my frame is on back order, so I can wait...


dave atkinson [6330 posts] 7 years ago

yes, we talked about that convergence when we went to eurobike:


Fulcrum are part of Campag but this is the first year we've really seen a lot of similarity - lots of the range is the same (bar the spoking patterns)

no real reason to spend the extra £120 on the fulcrums so far as i can see, having ridden racing 3s for a number of years i can definitely vouch for them