After a year (and a bit) of getting beaten up by my Bowery, it's time for something more fitting my senior years...

Thanks to help and hints from here about's I'm getting a Specialized Globe 1. Yep, another cheap-as-chips single speed, but this time with flat bars, 26inch wheels and disc brakes. Not a full on cargo bike, but will do the trip to work/Tesco's and not wreck my back thanks to a more upright seat.

Photo's and thoughts to follow, naturally.  4


dave atkinson [6357 posts] 8 years ago

nice, keep us posted!  4

DaveP [412 posts] 8 years ago

I've found a new home for the Giant...
A friends 16yo lad is starting work soon and requires transport. As he's young and a fitness addict ( except for his trips to GOSH for heart problems  2 )it'll suit him just fine. Unexpectedly for a teenager he's looking forward to starting his first 'proper' job.

With the bike goes a selection of bits to keep it rolling reliably. Don't want him blaming me if anything goes wrong..