I need some help from you guys and girls out there on the best type of road bike for the money,
I have around £ 1500 to spend, i have already decided on the brand, i would like to go for a Bianchi, however if anybody else has an idea i would like to hear.

I want to ride for fun and maybe a small competition now and then.
Will a full carbon frame be that much better than a alu frame with carbon forks.
Can anyone with knowledge on this please help, cause the bike i like more has alu frame with carbon forks

The bikes im talking about is the Bianchi 1885, and the full carbon cento strada.
Many thanks


cactuscat [285 posts] 8 years ago

personally i'd go for the best frame and wheels you can afford, and not worry too much about the other kit - it's all upgradeable. the premium you pay to replace the more expensive components is higher further down the line, and the frame and wheels are the components that'll make the most difference to the ride.

demoff [327 posts] 8 years ago

You have a lot of choice at that price band. The best thing you could do is spend some time in the bike shops by you.
Don't look at pictures online to make a choice go and see them in the flesh sit on them and if you can get a couple of test rides even if it is just around the car park.

You may find that your dream bike is not your dream bike after all.