Hi there - I am currently working in the US and bought myself my first road bike when I moved over here six months ago. I'm pretty hooked on it now (I normally ride mountain bikes back in Scotland) and don't want to sell it before leaving. Therefore I'm planning on bringing it back on a plane with me in ten days.

So... what I need is advice on good bags which you can recommend which will ensure my bike survives the flight (well two flights - one on United and one on British Airways). The cheaper the better but I want to make sure it survives! I think I prefer the idea of a padded, soft bag rather than one of those hard-case types.

Also, if anyone has any idea of on-line bike shops over in the US (like Chain Reaction, Wiggle, etc) where I could purchase said bike bag that would be great aswell.

Any help, tips, tricks to avoid airline charges would be also be appreciated.

Thanks a lot.


dave atkinson [6337 posts] 9 years ago

you could try www.brauns.com, they have a selection of hard and soft cases although they're not the cheapest. you might be better off seeing if you can get one from ebay, all though since it seems the cheap ones are coming from Hong Kong so there might not be time  1

tips for getting your bike to survive the trip: make sure you pad out the bag, bubblewrap is good. pay particular attention to the middle of the main tubes, cause they're very thin. Take the skewers out of the wheels, remove the rear mech and tape it to the chainstay. sip the bars round and zip tie them to the frame so they can't knock it in transit.

if you bought the bike over there and it's over the duty limit then technically you'll have to pay the import duty on the bike. make sure it doesn't look new  1 1

Simon [43 posts] 9 years ago

Shame you don't live in the midlands - could have loaned you one!!