Road cycling in Perdepera, Sardinia

by   September 1, 2014  

Mrs Dezzo is keen to go on a beach holiday with the family to Perdepera in Sardinia next May. I'll be taking my road bike and will be granted a few hours escape each morning which I'll be using to train.

Looking on Google Maps it looks as though there are some decent hills close-by...but I can't make out what the road surfaces are like.

Does anyone have any experience of road cycling in this neck of the woods?

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Sardinia is a really great place as I found out earlier this year when we had a family holiday there. I didn't have a roadbike but we did drive all over the place in our rented Fiat and I can testify that the roads are pretty good. There were a lot of local roadbike riders (as well as German roadies on holiday) and Italian drivers are used to seeing them on the roads (and a lot of Italian drivers are keen roadies too), so I wouldn't have concerns about riding there. Up in the hills you do get some potholed stretches where the winter weather has taken its toll but in general the road surfaces are good and traffic volumes are low. There are some steep switchback climbs/descents to match the best anywhere.


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3rd September 2014 - 10:41

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Just a thought I had but you may want to do a Google search and check out some local cycling clubs. As I said, there are a lot of roadies there and there's a strong roadie (and MTB) cycling culture so if you could hook up with a local club it'd probably be more fun and more sociable, as well as them directing you along some good routes. The Sardinians are used to tourists (though most visitors are German) and we found them pretty friendly. The food was good too, as were the beaches and on the road, the drivers are noticeably less crazy than elsewhere in mainland Italy.


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3rd September 2014 - 20:55


Thanks - very helpful.

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3rd September 2014 - 22:08