garmin 1000 for sale

by Stanley   September 1, 2014  

for sale garmin 1000 no charger clamp.

£100 ono

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why is it so cheap?

posted by Binky [115 posts]
1st September 2014 - 20:29


Because it's a wind up?

posted by truffy [532 posts]
1st September 2014 - 20:30


..or because Stanley can't remember where he got it from ? (or how to spell it).

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posted by fukawitribe [542 posts]
1st September 2014 - 20:35

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No charger AND no clamp?

Hmmm, sounds very much like an opportunist has acquired it by being an opportunist (in true 'Have I got News for You' style......allegedly) ?

Very dodgy. I hope EVERYONE on here has morals and isn't even slightly tempted by this for their own personal gain!
Think if it was you on the receiving end, I know I would be really p1$$ed!

posted by Tinternet_tim [86 posts]
1st September 2014 - 21:08


Thought it was either hookey or a wind up

posted by Binky [115 posts]
1st September 2014 - 22:11


Just look at the guys other posts. Sort of sums it up.

posted by AWP [90 posts]
2nd September 2014 - 9:16


Do not feed him after midnight... oh, wait that's Gremlins isn't it? Big Grin

posted by Beatnik69 [153 posts]
2nd September 2014 - 9:45

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