Loose Cassette

by ta2dwez   August 31, 2014  

Hi there, i was just cleaning my bike and noticed that the 2 lower rings on the cassette are loose/moving. im guessing that this shouldn't be happening. Is it just a case of tightening the cassette back up or is it a sign of a worn cassette / freehub?

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I would try tightening it up and then get back to us if it is still loose!
If it is then there is a problem.
Is it Campagnolo or Shimano?
Do you have a set of sprockets and spacers or are there some sprockets joined together and some not?

posted by SideBurn [913 posts]
31st August 2014 - 18:36


Its shimano, yeah the lower 2 sprockets are loose and separate, with the rest of the cassette together.

Ill have to take it to my LBS as i dont have the tools to tighten it. Unless there is a way of doing it without cocking the cassette/hands/tools up

posted by ta2dwez [68 posts]
31st August 2014 - 19:24


The tool required is not expensive or difficult to get hold of, putting cassettes on is easy enough. Getting them off is slightly more tricky, needing another tool!
So it is either an easy fix at the lbs or get the tool, up to you.

posted by SideBurn [913 posts]
31st August 2014 - 20:07


I took it to lbs this afternoon on way home. The whole cassette was loose. It was a 30 second hjob. All tightened now. One less thing to worry about. Thanks for all your help/input.

posted by ta2dwez [68 posts]
1st September 2014 - 20:26


This cassette, does it make a noise like 'Hooka shaka, hooka shaka...'

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posted by bikeboy76 [1817 posts]
1st September 2014 - 22:38


I suspect if the two smallest sprockets have come adrift and have play it's not actually a cassette but a cheaper screw on free hub?

When they fail they often fail like that, some times with one or two sprockets that offer no drive at all.

Cassettes are pinned all the way through and ride on a splined body, the sprockets should not move on their own (much) even if the lock ring is slightly slack.

On the other hand the free hub body could have scored splines which can create movement.

posted by MKultra [385 posts]
2nd September 2014 - 13:35


Or it could have been a loose lockring, as the OP reported was the case yesterday after his lbs tightened it up.

posted by Nick T [906 posts]
2nd September 2014 - 13:50