Hi all
I'm riding a 2014 Specialized Allez (XL). And am thinking of trying to find a carbon fork used or new. The carbon seatpost has really soaked up road chatter and I'd like to try the same at the front.

Before buying one is there any advice that you would impart. So far I'm trying to match up rake (currently 45m). Steerer size (1-1/8) and steerer length again currently 205.
I'd appreciate any expertise/wisdom.
Many thanks.


Derny [113 posts] 3 years ago

It's hard to guess whether the replacement fork will be an improvement over what you have, so I would call your upgrade risky in the sense that your money may be wasted. It's possible the new fork may be even more rigid than what you have. Even if your new fork improves the ride, if it's more flexible you may find the bike doesn't handle as well when cornering.

Another aspect of fork size you might want to consider is the distance from the dropouts to the crown race seat.