Ultegra 6700 10 speed vs 6800 11 speed £££££££?

by trikeman   August 23, 2014  

Hi All,
anyone make sense of the pricing structures around the old/new Ultegra kit?
I thought I would treat my bike to a full Ultegra groupset, remembering my last one being a 6700 ten speed jobby, I went to look at those via the usual website 'suspects'. I realised after a few minutes research that the new 6800 (11 speed) was cheaper, in some cases considerably so.
Question here is, how does the new 11 speed set up come in cheaper than the old one? I would have thought the sellers would be 'hiving off' the older kit to make way for the new, the older being discounted - it doesn't seem that way though.
Is the newer 6800 cheaper, as in not so good as the old version? Thinking
Don't want to press the buy button here - just in case, though my Zondas take 10 or 11 speed.



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If your wheels can take 11, go 11.

The reason it is cheaper I think, because Ultegra now have a dedicated Di2 groupset, they have to make the mechanical set cheaper than that, so coming in under the price point of the old 6700 10 speed.

6700 did have a Di2 groupset, but it was new and hugely expensive.

Now that Di2 is becoming the norm, the prices have come down, so the mechanicals need to drop in price aswell.

I would compare the prices of 6700 Di2 to the 6800 mechanical, you might want to look at Di2 as an option.

But to future proof yourself, 11 speed is the only option

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posted by Gkam84 [9355 posts]
23rd August 2014 - 18:40

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if your wheel takes 11 speed then go for 6800 if not then go 6700

imo the reason why 6700 prices haven't dropped is because the demand for it is still there, most people have 10 speed wheels and dont want to upgrade groupset and wheels at the same time

plus if they drop the price too much then the 6700 would come into the current 105 price range and then they wouldnt shift any of those

if you can afford the extra then di2 is well worth it (6700 or 6800 version)

i have/had 2 6700 di2 groupsets, absoultley brilliant & faultless

still running one & its done 4000 miles and i sold the other to buy a 7090 10 speed dura ace di2 groupset

you can pick up the 6700 or 6800 di2 groupset for 1k

posted by kev-s [130 posts]
23rd August 2014 - 20:55

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If you're wanting to explore the differences this review might be worth a read:


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posted by Simon E [2370 posts]
23rd August 2014 - 21:03


I have a 6800 group on my Wilier and it's absolutely cracking. That said, the new 105 5800 11-speed group is out now, will probably have most of what the 6800 inherited from Dura Ace and only costs 325 quid odd at Merlins at the moment. I'd love to see a proper review of the 5800 as it looks like an absolute steal.

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posted by fukawitribe [1220 posts]
24th August 2014 - 12:45

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The RRP of 6700 is the same as 6800 at £999.95, so the price you pay is down to the dealer. I'd guess there isn't that much stock of 6700 left, and the demand is high enough to keep the price up. The difference is about £80 in most online stores - Merlin does 6800 for £499, and 6700 for £575. It does seem a bit strange, however! Maybe it's because 6700 is still available in silver? That said, 6800 is excellent - in my opinion, much better than 6700.

posted by TimC340 [61 posts]
24th August 2014 - 13:27


Simon E wrote:
If you're wanting to explore the differences this review might be worth a read:


Good read Simon - Thanks for the link. Applause


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24th August 2014 - 19:20