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by jonnyllew   August 21, 2014  

Hi all, I have an Orbea Orca Gold that I recently bought and had my usual Elite Custom Race cages fitted. Due to the shape of the frame the cage on the down tube cannot be put on the highest bolt hole as the cage will rub the frame so the top bottle touches the bottom bottle and as a result doesn't sit fully into the cage by about 1cm.

Almost all decents result in the bottle shifting upwards which means constant checking/twitchy riding.

I've cut the back away slightly from the top cage so I can position it slightly lower down which seemed to work but now the rear bottle seems to shift upwards on bad surfaces, pot holes etc. Bottles still touch but both are now fully in their cages.

Any suggestions as to how I can get over the problem.

Happy to change the cages as I find myself constantly checking I'm not going to lose bottles on decents and bad road surfaces. I use SiS 500ml bottles, happy to changes those too if necessary.

Thanks for any input.

Jon Confused

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Sidecages. I've tried various, and these work well for me

posted by youngoldbloke [100 posts]
21st August 2014 - 14:28


FWIW I use these..

..not sure if that fits in with how you'd like to use them, but they are jolly good at not losing bottles on bouncy surfaces.

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posted by fukawitribe [1336 posts]
21st August 2014 - 16:34


I have had two of these ( ) fitted to my new bike, they work very well and today I had two Specialized bottles delivered, I like them very much as the bottle can be put in from the side or the top, I don't know whether they would hit each other or cause exactly the problem you are having? They seem similar to the above posts items, however the Specialized ones were much dearer!! Angry Angry Angry !!

posted by cbrookes75 [32 posts]
21st August 2014 - 16:34

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I have to say side-cages (mine were specialised ones) really didn't work for me when I put them on my MTB. I found my self clipping the bottle with my knees when cornering hard leading to the bottle falling out on numerous occasions (always on roundabouts!).

Probably my bad technique to be fair, but worth bearing in mind.

posted by sergius [283 posts]
21st August 2014 - 16:46

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I have just been out in the wet and the dark with the Specialized bottles and Zee cages and have been over some god awful four strip rumble strips that made me think my bike may fall apart, but the bottles stayed in their cages and more importantly, were a doddle to put in and take out and swap over!

posted by cbrookes75 [32 posts]
21st August 2014 - 22:37


I can recommend the Lezyne Flow cage, it's well priced and it grips the bottle very well. My regular ride to work takes in some lumpy old paths and there's no movement at all from the bottle. There is a slight knack in taking the bottle out - which is probably key to its retention - you need to pull the bottle forward out of the cage rather than up but its no harder to do than any other cage.

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posted by joemmo [1113 posts]
22nd August 2014 - 13:22


+1 on the Lezyne Flow cages. I have them on both bikes and use them with Camelbak Podium bottles. There's no way a bottle is going to come out accidentally. Added bonus is they are silent.

posted by keef66 [44 posts]
22nd August 2014 - 14:21