USA Pro Stage 3

by backflipbedlem   August 20, 2014  

Well after coming 4th n 7th yesterday decided to mix it up today with 3 transfers!

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So after lots of consideration, dumped out a few big names

Busche (Carter Jones)
Hermans (Carpenter)
Howes (Rathe)
Kyer (Zoidl)

Might regret a couple of those transfers! But we'll see!

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posted by backflipbedlem [825 posts]
20th August 2014 - 15:05


One change for me. Lion man out, nearly took out Giraffe man too.

Rafal Majka (TSB)
Tejay Van Garderen (BMC)
Thomas Danielson (GRS)
Janier Alexis Acevedo (GRS)
Frank Schleck (TFR)
Lachlan Norris (DPC)
Hugh Carthy (RCJ)
Patrick Konrad (TNE)
Jure Kocjan (TSS)

posted by Joelsim [1444 posts]
20th August 2014 - 20:29

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7 of the top 8 for me, + Norris, looks like my only none scorer and Maynes. Also GC guys took the first mountain points also

posted by TERatcliffe26 [3992 posts]
20th August 2014 - 21:45

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Well prob should of left Jones in. But can't be too disappointed

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posted by backflipbedlem [825 posts]
20th August 2014 - 21:46

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'Don't look back. Something might be gaining on you'

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posted by livestrongnick [1848 posts]
20th August 2014 - 22:01

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1 2 4 5 7 8 11 18

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posted by backflipbedlem [825 posts]
20th August 2014 - 22:05

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At the risk of being repetitive and boring;

The details of;
Finish 35,30,.......1
Int Sprint 6, 4, 2
KOM x,.......2,1

are not anywhere I can find them for the Pro Challenge.

We who have been playing a while know what to look for and work backwards from stage 1 scores, but a newcomer would have no idea.

These change from race to race, so we need to know in advance to decide our strategies.

I'm not being critical of your great game, but this is an area which constantly seems to fall short.

For example, under the stage information for the Women's TTT is the line Team Bonus "5 points to every participating rider in the winning rider's team", which is contradictory to the line above which says that "20 points for each participating member of the first place team"


posted by tony kappler [34 posts]
21st August 2014 - 3:47


Tony I didn't do any of the setup and now the race is open I cannot add any scoring notes.
However, you have to be a premium user to take part in this, so at this stage of the season it is unlikely you are new. Also if you look at the 'how to' page it outlines the basic scoring criteria and unless we say otherwise it doesn't change from that, so the default is there and the scoring notes are for any variations on that, which there are none.

posted by TERatcliffe26 [3992 posts]
21st August 2014 - 6:31