Hi All,

I'm planning to hire a bike from http://bikesviva.com/www/?page_id=98 next week but notice they have some hefty penalties if the bike is damaged or stolen.

Playing on the safe side I was looking for some insurance cover but struggling to locate any. I have emailed them this evening to see if they offer a solution I can pay extra for BUT ...

does anyone know of options I can arrange separately?

Many thanks



watlina [88 posts] 3 years ago

I hired a nice Scott CR from viva:cycling while we stayed at the Viva Tropic in Alcudia for a week last year. I'm sure I only paid about £10 extra for the full insurance for the 4 days I had the bike.

edit: just looking at the viva hire terms page shows
7.All rental bikes come with a third party damage insurance.
8.You can opt for an damage bike policy with a cost of 1’5 euros/day.

I didn't pre-book anything just sorted it out when we got there but we went in May when it was a bit quieter.

The guy I dealt with was very helpful and had no problem with me fitting my own pedals and Garmin GSC-10.

They had a separate bike storage room but I found it easier to keep the bike in the hotel room so I could get out nice and early. Although the wife tended to disagree about the bike storage location  3

Pdjohnson [11 posts] 3 years ago

Hi Watlina,

Thanks for this advice. Feel a lot more comfortable. I will take out the additional cover and much happier.

I don't think the cover includes theft.