So you may have seen my post about getting two track frames for young Scottish riders, I have now gotten them sorted.

While having these track bikes in my possession, I was desperate to try them out. I managed just over a mile before jumping off and wheeling the back home because my balance was gone.

So I've set myself a task, through the winter, I need to get ALOT of miles in on the trike, as I have special rollers designed for recumbents. Build up my strength and do a bike of grass track racing next year on the Highland Games circuit. Next year will be 16 years since I last raced on the circuit, so it feels like time to try it. I am only aiming to race the 800/1600m races, there is no way I could do the 3200 and Elimination races. That is going a bit far. I just want to be involved again.

Being 31 when the season comes around, I will also get a nice bit handicap advantage on those young guns. So if I can hold them off for a couple of laps. I might just get a result.

So with that in mind, I have gotten myself a track frame and building it up from there as a carrot on a string to get me motivated.

I am looking for 165mm single crankset, I can go a double and make it work aswell. Must be for a square taper BB

You got anything lying around that you might be willing to part with?