EDIT: The RFL is CLOSED! Predictions are saved.


Of course /r/peloton will run the 3 usual fantasy leagues for the Giro again. The winners of the three competitions will get a Pink Jersey Flair! The Velogames league was already launched last week. Sign up while you still can!


The Road.cc league has also opened. This league is very different from the Velogames one. The Road.cc league lets you choose a team of 9 riders within a budget of 180 points and you have 2 transfers per stage. So this fantasy league is more active since you have to make transfers each day. More info about the league can be found on the website. The /r/peloton sub league ID is 77326. From the time of this post there is about 70 hours remaining to register your team for the Giro d'Italia. The flair will be awarded to the winner of the non-premium competition!

[Reddit Fantasy League]

RFL Format
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Giro d'Italia

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Submissions will have to be formatted like this:

(x2.0) Rider 1
(x1.8) Rider 2
(x1.6) Rider 3
(x1.4) Rider 4
(x1.2) Rider 5
(x1.0) Rider 6
(x1.0) Rider 7
(x1.0) Rider 8

Please arrange your comments like the list above (you can make bullets with the * key) and also include the first name of the rider!


The deadline will be when the race starts on Friday May 9th at 17.45 local time (CET). That's 16.45 BST, 11.45 EDT and 8.45 PDT for the Britain and (Latin) America and for the Aussies at 1.45 AEST on May 10th. May the best win!