Moda Prima or Moda Vivo - Please Help First bike

by Mrmike   August 13, 2014  

Hi All,

I'm searching for my first road bike and my choices are Moda vivo or Moda Prima

As i research Prima is currently on sale which is quite cheaper but Vivo is an upgrade of Prima.

I am not sure which of those two is better, does anyone know? And should i go for Moda or others brand like Speacialized, Cannondale or Trekk, Scott. My budget is under 1500 .

Thanks so much!

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For the money, you get a reasonable frame with great wheels. The rest you can upgrade. Go for it.

posted by s_lim [159 posts]
13th August 2014 - 13:14


thanks for ur comment. could you suggest me what should i spend on upgrade first?

posted by Mrmike [1 posts]
13th August 2014 - 23:54


I have a 2013 Moda Prima and I love it. It's very comfortable with great handling and very light.

As far as upgrades, I've changed the brakes for Shimano 105 with Koolstop pads - mostly to match the groupset, but I was slighlty disappointed with the brake performance when compared to my old Felt F75 that had 105 as standard. I also swapped the cassette for an 11-28 due to my gravity allergy Smile

I suggest, first upgrade, get some Koolstop pads in there and see how you go.

The Kenda tyres are awesome, even at 120psi they're comfortable, compliant and grip like hell. I've only had a couple of punctures in 2,000km which is fewer than I expected.

The wheels look great, reasonably light and are tough as old boots too.

Go for it you won't be disappointed. Big Grin

posted by AndyBaker [5 posts]
14th August 2014 - 11:31


AndyBaker wrote:
I suggest, first upgrade, get some Koolstop pads in there and see how you go.

What he said. Would also suggest a carbon seatpost (eBay, £30 for chinese non-brand, still good and absorbant), and maybe 25c tyres. Your barse will thank you.

posted by s_lim [159 posts]
14th August 2014 - 12:06