Hi all,
I am organising an event in the coming months and I am looking to find out what type of radio communication equipment do the pro teams use. we will be accommodating up to 1200 riders on the event and will be utilising cycle marshals as well as motorcycle marshals and we were looking into using similar to that of the pro teams as they appear to be of a light and compact size and cover a reasonable distance of transmission.
We have got a licenced radio frequency so that should not be a problem.
Any help on this matter would be most helpful.


Gkam84 [9097 posts] 2 years ago

What you need for an event is a set of PMR's (Private Mobile Radios)

Search IC-F4032S, expensive though.

Something else you might be good with is the Midland G-30 (5 mile radio) perfect for running an event, you can get headset adapters for the motorcycles.

I was just as the Scottish Crit Champs yesterday, I will try and find out what they were using