Cycle Computer with Cad and HRM recommendations sought from the experienced.

by trikeman   August 10, 2014  

Hi All,
I have a Polar CS200cad and it used to work fine but since I have refitted it after some time off the bike it does crazy things. I renewed the head and HRM batteries - so far the HRM works well, the cadence works well but the speed does some weird things.
For example, if I spin the wheel by lifting the front of the bike the speed works fine, ride on the road and the speed doesn't register - the wheel goes round just the same but no speed indication on the head. I stop, pick up the front and spin the wheel and voila it works - put it back down and ride, it stops,,,,,,,,, Arggggggg! At Wits End

Can anyone recommend a similar type of computer - I don't really want a GPS unit as such but a combined unit with similar 'doings' as the CS200cad, would prefer something a little different now,,,,, I may end up smashing this one up or eating the damn thing.

Any recommendations???? It must be wireless, have speed, cad and HRM with all the things that go along with that.


Trikeman. Wink

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I'll be gutted when my Motoactv dies. It has GPS. Ant+, BT, WiFi, mp3 player, you can wear it as a watch, it has a built in pedometer, it does everything you ask, cost me £125 because Google dumped it when they bought Motorola, so unfortunately you can't get them anymore Sad

I'm thinking of a Garmin 510 or whatever is around when my Moto dies. I don't need mapping, but do want to record all the stats and be able to download it later to MyFitnessPal, Strava etc.

posted by dazwan [313 posts]
11th August 2014 - 1:30


Sure the setup of the magnet is ok?
Might just need a new speed sensor instead of an entire new unit.

As much as you don't sound keen on it something like a Garmin 500 will do the tasks you want well, really can't fault mine.

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posted by glynr36 [639 posts]
11th August 2014 - 8:33


Do you move the head unit in relation to the speed sensor when free-spinning the wheel vs riding? e.g. wearing it as a watch rather than fixed to the handlerbars?

I'm wondering about transmission range being at its limit and the difference in relative positions being enough to move the sensor out of range of th head unit. From an earlier review, it says that there are batteries in the speed sensor too but these are not replaceable. Maybe they've reached their limit?

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posted by neildmoss [254 posts]
11th August 2014 - 15:44

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Hi All,
Thanks for the help and suggestions and I did have a look at the Garmin 500 - so as to cut my losses with the Polar CS200cad, I was just about to press the buy button, credit card in hand, but thought I would give it one more go by trying to change the sensor internal battery. Polar say this is a 'non-serviceable part', but I thought shit or bust I'm going to split it open and have a gander inside.
There was a CR32 battery which I hooked out and put a new one in. Super-glued the sensor back together and,,,,,, Voila - the damn thing works superb.
I now have speed, cadence, HRM and everything else working. Applause

I have saved myself some cash for now, however after reading your suggestion on the Garmin 500 I am sorely tempted.

Regards and thanks.

Trikeman. Smile

Grunt, puff, pant and groan goes the old man - but he gets there in the end. ;o)

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posted by trikeman [390 posts]
11th August 2014 - 19:43


neildmoss wrote:
there are batteries in the speed sensor

Is this common for speed sensors, or just the Polar?

Thinking of getting a Garmin, but the sensors would be dropped if they come with non-servicable batteries.

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11th August 2014 - 20:42


Deffo make the Garmin 510 your next buy if you can - I coincidentallty wrote today about my recent purchase of an Edge 510...
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posted by Suffolk Cycling [73 posts]
11th August 2014 - 22:22


Suffolk Cycling wrote:
Deffo make the Garmin 510 your next buy if you can - I coincidentallty wrote today about my recent purchase of an Edge 510...

The 510 is a very fine looking bit of kit, but also on the high side price-wise. I'd recommend folk considering other similar jobbies as well when considering a head unit, e.g. Bryton, Mio and even the Edge 500. It may be that the few extras the 510 has over some of the others are worth it to the buyer, but they may also prefer not having them and saving some cash... either way, there's some nice kit out there.

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posted by fukawitribe [1353 posts]
11th August 2014 - 23:54

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Excellent advice on here. I had not even considered Z2 or lower Z3 to be best for fat burning! I can asbolutely see the merit in it for longer rides.

And will test it later today Cool
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posted by Suffolk Cycling [73 posts]
12th August 2014 - 10:22


My 510 was stolen last year, and I've been running with a Bryton 20 since. It is good, BUT only shows (time, ride time, or cadence data) + speed + (HR data or mileage data).

This was very painful when I wanted average speed, HR, and lap times for a TT, so I ordered an ex-demo 510, which is much more configurable than the 20, or even the Rider 40 I think.

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12th August 2014 - 14:12