Looking at arranging a trip to one of the Spring Classics next year and hoping somebody can give me the benefit of their experience.

Is it best to go with one of the tour organisers or is it just as easy to organise yourself?

Also, would you take your own bike or hire one over there?



Yorkshie Whippet [637 posts] 3 years ago

I did the Sports Tours International trip this year. Enjoyed it three races, two sportives, trip to Tour of Flanders museum plus rides. Got chance to see several of the team mechinics working on bikes. Hotels were comfortable. Well worth a look at.
You can hire their bikes, I'd prefer my own as I'd got a cobble bike with mods specifically for these events. Remember Flanders has 15 000 entrants, finding a bike to hire for miles around would interesting.

If you do stay in Ghent, all you can eat ribs from Amedaus is a must.

Hope this helps.