Is it a brave new world?

I am life long obsessive cyclist, and I believe I have in general always been a polite and courteous rider, I wave at the rider across the road, ask if people are alright if they look like they are crashing and offer the gel if needed, stop if someone has a mechanical and offer assistance. I welcomed the on slaught of mamils & mawils with their erratic riding styles. It benefited cycling as a whole. However today I am over it. If you have ridden for along time you sense and know who are new to the game, and today during an 88 mile ride I experienced 3 episodes that now make me realise why the non cycling driver is bad mouthing us as a whole. (even though 50% of the drivers will be shite at driving)

Number 1: approaching rider from behind on a single carriage way, I shout on your right mate a number of times, louder and louder, until I pull out giving him a good 5ft, he did not hear me, s##ts himself when I shout as loud as I can, are you Fcuking deaf? Swerves towards me forcing me onto the other side of the road!!!!! Then I notice the earphones. A complete oblivious dullard who frankly deserves to be knocked off.

Number 2: riding along the lanes with a good view of the road ahead, I see in the distance six riders, 3 abreast! All in their sky / BMC ebay kit. Of course they will move.... Oh, no they didn't, they just looked at me and carried on riding towards me three abreast! I just sped up and forced them on to the grass verge, followed by a couple of expletives.

Number 3: (Nearly home) rider coming towards me, I am cooling down so sitting up spinning and we start to pass I look at him raise a hand and say hello, he looks at me then looks at road with no response. That tipped me over the edge, I chased him down and asked him if my politeness offended him? He hadn't seen me, even though we were only 15ft apart bright sunshine and I was in a bright red kit.

I embraced the raised profile that British cycling has gotten from all the good stuff that has happened, but out on the road I am not so sure if it's been a good thing?