Praxis Works Campagnolo BB30 Adapter - silence at last

by leqin   August 8, 2014  

If you own a frame or bike with BB30 and use Campagnolo and like me have suffered the frustration which is BB30's ability to make you feel like throwing your ride over the nearest hedge and walk home sooner than put up with its horrible creak day in day out - AND - and if like me you have tried everything that everybody can tell you about how to shut the damned thing up and have given up because no matter what you do the creak comes back... well I have been running Praxis Work's Campagnolo BB30 Adapter for the past few weeks and ever since fitted I have ridden in complete silence... it cost me £59.99, but that was a small price to pay to get peace and quiet and, even though it is basically just a set of bottom bracket cups with a rubber O ring on the non drive side, it is a great piece of bicycle engineering that makes your bike look and sound a whole lot better.

Now if I could just find the person who invented BB30 - I don't know who you are, but I have a few choice words for you and your not going to like hearing them.

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I've been running a BB30 frame with Campagnolo for a few years now, but with an FSA K-force light BB386evo chainset - absolutely no problems. I think BB30 is great, super stiff and light, dead simple and easy to service.

posted by benezeir [67 posts]
8th August 2014 - 15:33

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I've got a shimano Praxis Works BB30 adaptor, and it's really good isn't it? Not sure why I bought a BB30 frame in the first place, but there we go.
BB30 seems to be a standard dreamt up by the frame manufacturers mainly because it's cheaper and easier for them to build. I'm skeptical there's much in the way of stiffness gains - that would be more to do with the amount of frame surrounding the BB30/GPX/etc shell I think.

posted by bashthebox [764 posts]
8th August 2014 - 19:11


I converted my bike to sram adaptor for external bearings because of creaking. This has stopped the creaking. A similar idea to Praxis with the facility to change the bearings only. If my problem comes back in the future I will try the praxis bb30 shimano adaptor

posted by CXR94Di2 [710 posts]
9th August 2014 - 7:04

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BB30 was designed by a company called Magic Motorcycle - a specialist, small scale machining company, needing high-tolerance. It simply wasn't designed for large scale manufacture and sloppy tolerances. Cannondale bought Magic Motorcycle and inflicted creaking-hell on the unsuspecting. It's made worse due to the bearings sitting directly in the BB shell - water spray enters down the seat-tube and kills the bearings. Worse still is putting BB30 on CX bikes and MTBs - there's good reason why Shimano won't go near it.

Make mine an Italian with Campagnolo on the side

posted by monty dog [433 posts]
13th August 2014 - 22:03


monty dog wrote:
there's good reason why Shimano won't go near it.

In fairness, Shimano have that Japanese manufacturer habit of rarely adopting a standard they didn't invent in-house. The reasons for not supporting BB30 are arguably business related rather than technical.

posted by giobox [358 posts]
14th August 2014 - 0:38


benezeir wrote:
I think BB30 is great, super stiff and light, dead simple and easy to service.

We've clearly not been using the same BB30. How is BB30 simple and easy to service compared to a good 'old fashioned' threaded bottom bracket? Last I used it, I needed a drift and a mallet to remove, and an expensive bearing press to install if I wanted to avoid creaks. That and having to use tons of loctite.

None of this is necessary with threaded.

As others have said, BB30 was as much about reducing frame manufacturing costs as anything else. No threads to drill and face. It's interesting that some premium brands (Pinerello springs to mind on the F8 and Dogma) still choose to stick with threaded on their flagship frames, even with all the supposed benefits of pressfit systems like BB30.

posted by giobox [358 posts]
14th August 2014 - 0:43


I don't think I'd ever buy a BB30-equipped bike again. It might be great in warmer climes but British roads can render it a noisy irritating load of bollocks.

posted by turboprannet [124 posts]
14th August 2014 - 17:55

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No BB30 ever,ever,ever for me... u-ee, u-ee, eee-u (kicks frame)(mutters swear words in swahili)


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posted by The _Kaner [642 posts]
14th August 2014 - 18:21


No probs with BB30 here, though am running ceramic bearings, but don't know if that is significant factor. Thought I had a creak for a while, but turned out to be pedal axles. Have had more probs with external cups getting crap in and bearings rusting.

posted by jamtartman [55 posts]
15th August 2014 - 11:43