A warning to anybody who posts a classified ad, I've received emails from a scammer by the name of Gerald Blair using the email address g.blairtom [at] gmail.com. He said he'd pay via PayPal but when he'd said that the payment was sent all I got was 3 really badly written emails from "PayPal" in my spam box. DON'T OPEN THESE!! That gives them access to your paypal account. I'm going to copy his "Collection arrangement" here as I really don't know how to describe it:

"have just made the payments now and i expect paypal to have emailed you by now ,check your paypal email address INBOX/SPAM/JUNK if you have been messaged yet,i sent £2,400.00 in all, paypal said they would be holding the funds because of the excess payments of £750 added meant for transportation of the bike and due to the fact that i emailed them about the excess payment i made,until they get the western union information from you,the bike is being delivered to my Son in Australia in Queensland, i will need you to send the £700 to my pick up agent Headquarters via western union money transfer(this can be done from the post office, as they usually have a western union agent there),i added extra £50 to cover the western union charges which shouldn't be more that £50-50 but just to be sure i added £50, Here is my transporter agent Headquarter info needed to get the money sent through western union money transfer:
Name:Dale moseley
Address:Lawrence ville
United state.

Please kindly email the necessary details to paypal :the mtcn which you will be given at the western union after the £700 has been sent as well as the sender's name and address used to send the money through western union used in sending the £700 so i can forward it to paypal or better still you can email it to paypal directly,that is fine with me as well for the money i sent to be credited into your account after they might have receive the information they needed to release the whole money in your account..And i will need you to send me your home address and mobile number in full so that i can forward it to the agent to know where the bike will be collected."

Clearly this is bulls**t. I've reported the email address to Google and the false PayPal emails to the real PayPal but be on the lookout people.



notfastenough [3728 posts] 3 years ago

If he put as much time into a legit job as he does waffling long-winded nonsense he'd have £2,400 anyway... these people amaze me.

therevokid [1017 posts] 3 years ago

at the first signs of "Western Union" I'm heading for the delete key ...