How about having a guess on how long it will take me to cycle the 100 mile London-Surrey sportive this Sunday (not sure if anyone is aware of this sportive as I haven't seen it mentioned on here yet!)

It'll only cost you £3 per guess! The majority of money goes to my chosen charity which is British Tinnitus Association which is very close to my heart and 50p goes to the winning pot. The more people that guess the more the pot will increase


Currently, there is a whooping winning pot which will give the successful guesser a 33% return on their investment  4 and this can only increase as/if more people have a guess.

So come on, do something special, give a little to charity, feel good about yourself and possibly come away with bragging rights and the 'pot' (you gotta hand it to me for trying  1 )

I am aiming for between 6-7 hours, but would love to beat that (not sure I will though)
If anyone does decide to give it a go, you'll need to use your name as it appears on the electoral role as they need to check you are over 18 (because its betting) and you will need to take note of the password requirements.

Good luck to everyone else doing the ride this Sunday, who knows I might even meet some of you along the way!