Colnago Cable routing Question

by adeyho   December 1, 2008  

I am a relative newbie with road bikes
all the ones I have built have plastic cable guides on the bottom bracket shell, however my lovely new/old Colnago has little eyelets on the bottom bracket, do I need some sort of sleeve thingies to go in there?
there is no hole for a traditional bb guide as there is a cut out club.

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Is it a 1970s/80s frame? what do the eyelets look like, any chance of posting a pic?

I've not seen a nagger with a BB setup like that but as long as the cables have a free run with a wide enough radius then you shouldn't have any problems. The plastic guide on a standard bb just serves to smooth the transitions, it doesn't do much lubricating, so a sleeve would probably do the trick. maybe one out of a V-brake noodle? Thinking

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posted by purplecup [233 posts]
2nd December 2008 - 21:48

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This is the bottom Bracket cable guides

Any idea of age of the frame?

posted by adeyho [16 posts]
6th December 2008 - 18:02

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Here are some more

I am not sure about the colour or decals they don't look original enough so I want to re spray it and put more classic Colnago decals on

posted by adeyho [16 posts]
6th December 2008 - 18:06

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Dude, as long as the guides are clear (not clagged with paint or cak) then they'll be fine. Fitting some cable inner will be an act of proper bike love as long as it slides in easily and doesn't pinch.

This time of year I'd be happy with a slack metal guide that's easy to flush out.

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posted by mooseman [85 posts]
8th December 2008 - 22:00

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