Does someone has experience with tgose shoes in concern with:
1)Size in compare to Mavic ?
2)Does the shoe have some "give" after a while as it made of leather and not synthetic

Thank you



step-hent [727 posts] 3 years ago

I had a pair of Mavics and now have the Rapha shoes. The sizing was similar but not identical. I take the same size in both, but I found the Mavics very flat/shallow and therefore snug over the upper and toe box, whereas the Rapha are a little roomier both in the toe box and over the upper. They also come up higher on the heel.

The leather in the Rapha's does have some give, but less than my Mavics which were very stretchy and soft. The difference with the Raphas is that, whilst the Mavics never really moulded to my feet much (because the synthetic stretches whilst wearing and then just springs back after) the Raphas have definitely given more permanently in the key pressure points.

Hope that helps!