canyon bikes in Kingston

by OsPeregringo   August 2, 2014  

Does anyone know if you can still go to Canyon over in Kingston in London and test ride the bikes?

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I asked, was told no.

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posted by IngloriousLou [138 posts]
3rd August 2014 - 9:00

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I wonder why. Seems like such a good idea, maybe people just took them out for rides and didn't follow up purchases.

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posted by OsPeregringo [54 posts]
3rd August 2014 - 9:19


Silly isn't it. I got in touch with them about it and was told to join their mailing list and they email about open days when you can test ride certain models. That was a few months back and I've still not seen anything. However, they've just launched their new model so I wouldn't be surprised to see an open day coming up soon...

posted by MarcMyWords [78 posts]
4th August 2014 - 13:55

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Buy another bike and then email them a photo of the sale that got away!

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posted by truffy [649 posts]
4th August 2014 - 13:57