Taxi / Transfer recommendations with Bike Bag in Majorca

by armchairbiker   August 1, 2014  

I am off to Majorca in a week's time and thinking of taking my bike over. However, I have started looking at the cost of taxi transfer and after recommendations.

I am with my family (so four of us), plus normal bags, plus one bike bag. I don't want to pay a fortune for a mini-bus (it seems twice the price of a normal taxi), though thinking that most estate taxis will not fit a bike box in the boot.

Anyone had the same problem and found a good taxi / transfer firm?

Many thanks

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In all honesty I would hire a bike out there. The quality is superb and really cheap. If you still want to take your bike then taxis will take bikes - its so setup for riding there.

posted by dunnoh [215 posts]
1st August 2014 - 22:19

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I have hired before and then taken my bike when on a group trip. What I did was just book a bike on the flight when I booked it months ago. Now I am looking at prices etc etc, I do wonder if it's all worth it now.

posted by armchairbiker [11 posts]
1st August 2014 - 22:37

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7 seat people carriers are book able, that should do?

I always use the local taxi firm rather than an agency, find them on google and email them with what you want, has worked thus far.

All Campag

posted by Flying Scot [892 posts]
2nd August 2014 - 8:33

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I use the Mallorca shuttle bus... Alway excellent service. And cheap too. you need to go from the airport to a registered hotel... Something to do with the law/ insurance in Mallorca. However we have always found a hotel near the villa, or destination for the drop off point.

Also ensure you have confirmed and paid for bike transfer. Often worth a quick email to one of the shuttle bus team( Sebastia at ) is helpful just to get confirmation emall... But soo much cheaper than taxis I think you will find.

posted by Markmod [15 posts]
6th August 2014 - 7:49

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I did this recently, but there were only 2 of us.

I just got the bus and it worked out fine for me, but I'm not sure if that's suitable for you.

People did suggest renting a bike over there, but by bringing a bike box it allows extra room (usually up to 30kg) in which you can bring your gear. So it's good to remember that if you rent over there, you still need to find room in your bags for your cycling clothing etc.

I work at an online cycling convenience store called

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posted by alimaysports [9 posts]
7th August 2014 - 19:00

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