Driverless cars in the UK...

by Suffolk Cycling   July 31, 2014  

Probably safer for cyclists Smile

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I can't wait for cars to be driverless AND passengerless. Just empty cars tootling around the streets. That would be cool.

Actually the future I envisage is one where cars are airborne, like in Blade Runner, leaving street level free for pedestrians and cyclists.

Wow that last shandy I had was a bit strong... Silly

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posted by Him Up North [241 posts]
31st July 2014 - 20:43


Carless drivers would be better for health, environment and cyclists. If some of the idle beggars left the car behind to walk and cycle they'd be healthier and less dangerous. Like electric cars, this is yet another distraction from the real issues.

posted by oldstrath [346 posts]
31st July 2014 - 21:23