I have a dilemma.
As a result of a crash, my insurance company have offered to replace my old bike for a new one. The problem is deciding on what.
I've got a replacement value of £1800 and want something that is woman specific since my fingers are too short for man bikes.
I need some opinions!!

Which should i go for;
Cube Axial http://www.cube-bikes.de/xist4c/web/axial-wls-gtc_id_36178_.htm
Felt ZW5 http://www.feltbicycles.com/United-Kingdom/2010-Product-Catalog/Fit-Woma...

I'd get the Cube no questions asked except that its a triple and I'd prefer if it wasn't. The Felt is what I had before,except for being this year's offering.

Are there any other bikes I should look at?
(Ive seen the Trek Madone 4.7WSD but really truly can't stretch that far).

Any comments/opinions greatly appreciated.


dave atkinson [6353 posts] 8 years ago

the Giant Avail Advanced 2 can be yours for about that kind of money and it's definitely worth a look. you can have £600 off a Scott Contessa CR1 Pro right now at Evans too:


Simon E [3225 posts] 8 years ago

When you say your fingers are too short, I'm guessing you mean for the brake levers. If so, why not get wedges or short-reach levers like the Shimano ST-R700s as standard the Scott Contessa CR1?

To be honest I'd suggest that, overall sizing apart, buying the bike you like most is the best way to happy cycling. Stem and bars can be swapped any time but a paintscheme is for life, not just for Christmas. Do some tyre-kicking before you decide.