replacement helmet pads

by bechdan   July 29, 2014  

What do people normally do when their pads have worn out? Ive got a Louis Garneau Carve helmet and I cant find any online. Ive emailed the company three times and they havent bothered replying!

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Ask around your mates to see if they have any of the bits of sponge that often come with a helmet. Then use scissors to shape them; they are all velcroed in much the same way.

And also, if you ever buy a helmet, put all the unwanted sizing pads in a poly bag and stuff it in the bottom of your box of bicycle gubbins in the garage or shed or loft or whatever.

Each of these steps supports the other.

posted by severs1966 [241 posts]
29th July 2014 - 20:17


I can feel your pain. The bug stop net in my Rudy Project Stirling helmet started to come apart early on. I had to stitch it back together...imagine that...anyway, tried to order some online. I can't count the amount of emails I've had telling me that there's a new supply date. Roughly one every 5 weeks for almost a year.
I emailed Rudy Project, also no reply.

I'll look for another make after this one is finished with. No more Rudy (or should that be ruddy) Project for me.

posted by ronin [260 posts]
30th July 2014 - 7:46

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Same here Im not buying anything by Garneau again, three emails over 3 weeks and no reply, how useless are they

posted by bechdan [71 posts]
31st July 2014 - 15:45


I bought a ski helmet last year and it needed padding. Checked ebay and was surprised how few retailers there were. Used ones from old cycling helmets. Business opportunity for someone !

posted by WiznaeMe [18 posts]
31st July 2014 - 21:28