On this forum there are, we all must agree, that we have many superfluous topics, and, I am sure many of us 'sometimes' just add comments for effect? Just to get reactions. We all have our opinions about what cycling is, both the sport and personally, also on what being a bike rider means to each of us. I love cycling, the sport with all its little secrets and dark corners, I accept the good and the bad. I am a fanatic. However what I would hope is that everyone here just loves to ride and ultimately is that not the point? Me, I ride the chaingang, with friends and solo, sportives, cyclocross races and so on, but my biggest pleasure is just riding solo, not pushing it, just enjoying it. And here in lies the problem, real life.... This morning I am off work, I am in shorts in the garden, oakleys on, flip flops on preparing to do those house chores that have built up over the previous winter/spring. Painting-gardening(grass is ankle high as I type) the shelf that needs re-attaching to the wall and on it goes, but I have sat down with my double-espresso, looked into the garage and there it is, just sitting there, lifeless. I have tried to ignore it, the sunshine, clear blue skies a slight cooling breeze, but I can't, I have yet again lost the battle, my will has again given in.... Yes I am going to ride, and again take the inevitable bolloking that will follow when the wife gets home!
Is it just me or does real life really really get in the way.... Right time to saddle up  16