Morning all,
I'm just getting back into cycling following a fairly long break... My current ride is an old 501 framed pro sport... So I'm now looking to upgrade/update. I know the bike you pick should be personal fit/preference but I'd value any thoughts people have on the bikes I've currently got on my shortlist...
I've tried the following for size/fit and tbh they all feel good to me:
Orbea aqua ts23 - local shop £499
Giant defy 5 - local shop £499
Merida ride 90 - local shop £540
Others on my list that I can't try due to a lack of local deler but look work
Felt f95 sora - on offer currently for £399
Triban 5/500 sora - on offer for 450

Personally the orbea is currently topping my list.. Mainly due to the deal and the test ride felt good.. But I know very little about the make and don't know anyone who has one...

Thoughts please.. Cheers Jim


matthewn5 [1063 posts] 3 years ago

Buy the one you want, it will make you happiest. It's the no. 1 rule.

Nick T [1091 posts] 3 years ago

Orbea are a prestigious enough brand, they supplied frames to fellow Basque based Euskatel before they were wrapped up last year.

elefantman [3 posts] 3 years ago

Little update.. Went into a lbs today for a browse and came out with a cannondale caad 8 Claris. I know.. It was not even on my list of potentials as until today I'd not seen one under 550 and that was without the pedals I wanted etc... I somehow managed to secure one with a set of SDL SL pedels and a few other bits for 450 brand spanking new...Basically by saying I'd take it there and then and pay cash.... Odd in this day and age that cash actually worked.
Anyway.. Home and out for a ride almost straight away.. Ten miles down and I can honestly say I love it.. So much smoother and faster than my old 501 framed bike... Having the gear changes straight to hand makes a huge difference.
Only niggling thing is I don't think the shop set the derraileurs up properlly.. So I'll be tinkering with them tomorrow.
Odd how these things go...

giff77 [1275 posts] 3 years ago

Lovely bike. You'll always have a smile on your face now  4 Well done on striking a deal as well.

gr3g0ree [67 posts] 3 years ago

Went to get a bike for my sis a few months ago, looking at deals just under your 'budget'  1
Tried a few at some shops and as soon as I saw her sitting on THAT bike going for a test ride, I knew its the right geometry/frame/shifters/size/all. She liked it too.

Good decision.
Buy what you like and fits, budget is secondary guide - will use the same argument when I'm going to get my new one  10 [insert evil laugh]