Dear all,

I've recently ordered a LAS Victory helmet with Shiny Bikes. Got the helmet within a week, but it appeared a tad large, so I decided to return it and ask for the smaller size of that same helmet. Filled out the online returns form and all, but no response whatsoever. Tried to send them an email at least 4 times: no response. Tried calling them: no-one picks up. I decided to just send the helmet back and add a letter in which I explained the whole situation..... no response! What on earth can I possibly do? I want a refund OR I want the exact same helmet in the smaller size. Any suggestions?


Jeroen Segers
The Netherlands


matthewn5 [1079 posts] 3 years ago

I had the same problem, they sent the wrong item. No response to email requests, so I phoned them. I had to return the item to their address, then they sent the new one, but they didn't refund the cost of my return, which was poor given it was their mistake.