Evening all. I'm nosing around for a shopping trailer and the choice seems to be between the Revolution Cargo the Adventure CT2 and a generic kiddy trailer like the Adventure ST3.

The Revolution is a decent copy of a classic trailer but I've used a BoB and found the load bay and sack a bit limiting.

The kiddy trailer has a higher load limit, plus it's covered and has a more flexible loading bay. Weighs a lot but I'd strip out the kiddy content.

The CT2 looks great and very practical. Not sure about the high hitch and the wheels look slightly ropey.

Any thoughts, experiences or alternatives? Priority is that it must be under £200. Main use is going to be road only shopping trips and perhaps the occasional bulky load.


dave atkinson [6371 posts] 8 years ago

how's about one of these?


it's a good compromise between packability and sturdiness and load capacity - you can't get as much in it as you would a kiddy trailer but it's fine for shopping. well under two ton too...

I've got an ST3 frame with a big wooden box on it too. massively heavy but you can't half load it up. i've even put a bike rack on it  1

Tony Farrelly [2948 posts] 8 years ago

I've got an early version of the Carryfreedom City which I use for shopping trips, and even taking the odd load to the dump. The max weight limit is 45kg, but I've got way more in it than that the bag takes a surprisingly large amount - I've got a weekly shop at Sainsburys in their, you can also fit a box though. The other plus is that it's light and it folds up for easy storage. Just had a look around and I think you should be able to get one on your budget. http://www.carryfreedom.com/

Here's a couple of pics of mine…

Chuffy [202 posts] 8 years ago

Thanks chaps. I do like the look of the Bumper trailer and I've found it online for £85 plus £10 p&P. Nice. I've also found a BoB knock-off with a nice high sided plastic tub for less than £180. Decisions, decisions...