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Im looking at selling a couple of bikes. One of which is mine, a 56cm Specialized Allez and the other my OH 53cm Cube Axial WLS. I was wondering if anyone with experience of selling and shipping bikes could tell me the standard size of a bicycle shipping box and similarly where to get a couple fairly cheap n easily. Also any ideas how much shipping would cost or where to get a fair quote


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The local bike shop is the place to get a bike box....for free. No hassle as they normally just go to recycling anyway. If you can get 3, use one of extra strength around the bike.

I use they book it in with a number of courier companies, depending on where you live, all mine have been with TNT and it proves to be ALOT cheaper than going with TNT direct.

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22nd July 2014 - 22:34

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+1 for LBS for blagging a box, also ask for the frame/fork spacers that come with unassembled bikes.
Bikes come in boxes with the LH crank partially through the front wheel with the pedals off, the crank goes between to the spokes. The forks are usually turned through 180 and the bars through 90 and rotated in the stem to hold the top tube. Wrapping the frame tubes in bubble wrap is a good idea too.

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22nd July 2014 - 23:40


Thanks for the info guys, guess I'll get down to the LBS and beg.

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26th July 2014 - 18:22