fat tax. the time has come

by Stanley   July 22, 2014  

went abroad with bike t,other month. took me bike and suitcase. i weigh 13 stone, suitcase was 1kg over. had to pay fine of 150 quid. woman behind me wieghed about 30 stone, and stunk. her suitcase was under. no charge. now heres my argument..... should at the airport it be a combined weight for you and suitcase lets say 15 stone for man plus 2 stone for suitcase and anything over.... FAT TAX SIR. woman same but put them a 12 stone limit plus a stone for her suitcase carrying light goods. Then we could take our bikes for free under the weight restrictions. Its time to change the world. ps if froome had had a decent meal instead of those stupid salt drinks and bars he would still be in the race. we have ample pie and chip shops up north, one car behind him with a hot oven and a fridge full of pale ale would suffice. we are being sold a lie.

eat well, exercise, sleep well, keep smiling. its all over too soon....