Have been looking What garmin to get and suddenly came across these mio options:

The maps look clearer and even better data available while riding (e.g. distance to and gradient of next climb)

Can't really see a reason, apart from their large size!, to get an 800 or 810 instead of this. Garmin make me choose between a"surprise me"-type option (present on the garmin edge touring but not on the 810) and cadence (on 810 but not on touring). Mio has both.

Am I missing something obvious here or is this just a petty schoolyard "garmin's what the cool kids use "thing?

Any help or advice gratefully received!


stealfwayne [128 posts] 2 years ago

I have a 305HC, had it for over a year. Great bit of kit with a couple of niggles.
Positives: Great mapping, easy to plan a new route (if you can get it to sync with your laptop-see negatives)
No problems with either cadence and heart rate sensors. Surprise me function is wonderful if you live in an area with multiple routes. Easy to flick through and choose screen data options, Overall a great bit of kit.
Negatives, trying to sync with a laptop can be tiresome. It only seems to work on my windows machine intermittently (75% of the time) still do not know why, I just plug in and hope, if it does not connect unplug, refresh laptop and try again, and only works on explorer as your browser, not opera nor Chrome.
Once connected the visual data you see isn't the best, quite basic. Worst for me is that when i deleted some journey's off my MIO from Italy and Furteventura to gain memory back, it deleted them from my summary so i lost my fastest speed and actual KM's ridden etc completely. Very annoying.
Overall as an alternative it is very good, these are just niggles and when 40 miles out of London and lost, it works great to get me back home. Which is really all you actually need it for.

petertaylor123 [30 posts] 2 years ago

I've just ordered me a 315HC withe Europe maps.
I will let you know how it gets on with a JoGLE trip next week,,,,,,

antigee [391 posts] 2 years ago

got a 300 series mio because had preloaded openstreet map which here in Aus' is the only way to find dedicated off road cycle paths

easy to use and easy to read

as said synching is a problem via usb but does work great via wireless internet just have to remember this after plugging in to charge it

for me one downside has been the lack of ability to easily buy additional sensors/mounts for use on other bikes

had a problem with setting up cadence and got a prompt (but not that helpful) reply from Magellan - I hate companies that only have user forums for technical support but I'm pretty sure that any query with a Garmin and a google will find you the answer - not so with the mio

truffy [650 posts] 2 years ago
antigee wrote:

I hate companies that only have user forums for technical support


And clicking on the links for more information gives massive fail. Relying on (external) Google to deliver product details.

I say all this because I've been thinking of a GPS and I read good things of the 505 vs. edge 1000. It's just a pity that they're white. I'd prefer a GPS to be 'stealthed'.

CXR94Di2 [1585 posts] 2 years ago

I have a garmin 800. The data recording is fine, no better than my phone app, just better battery life. The navigation is absolutely sh!t , it is so slow to adapt or recalculate route. I am glad I didn't have to pay for a map. Until garmin and alike can match the performance of my Andriod Google maps navigation. Save your money and buy a data only device.

gr3g0ree [67 posts] 2 years ago


So how did any of you guys here find the 305 or 315 and what is the difference between the 305 and the 305HC???

How easy/difficult is to upload external gpx files and does the device read it well???
Got an eTrex 30 and its a nightmare to use basecamp, or converting google maps. Basecamp reads them well, but when looking them up in my etrex30 got only problems with it (error message - only first 50 points available bla bla).

How does the Mio compare against an Edge Touring?

therevokid [1010 posts] 2 years ago

edge 800, openstreet maps ... turn by turn is near perfect. the edge can only route by
the maps you have on the card and as you can't (yet) get google maps for it openstreet
is about the best.

toyed with the mio, but as my 800 does all i want, when i want it to i resisted the "new
and shiney" urge  1

gr3g0ree [67 posts] 2 years ago

But I'm not interested in any Edge 1000 or 800 or 500 at all. Only need a GPS with a map and basic functions, and it to do it well.