Going next week for a few weeks with family - got a decent road bike pre booked for 10 days - looking for some interesting rides along coast, in land wherever...never been before grateful for any suggestions of where to go? where not to? Looking for 1-2 hour type spins, 50 k'ish top whack as family be waiting my return! Like hills so they won't put me off....Thanks in advance


SideBurn [890 posts] 3 years ago

I have not been there for years so my opinion is a bit out of date, but I can say that the area is going to be hot! It was hot enough in March/April when I used to go.
A ride up to Monchique is a must, I do not think you can go all the way up to the top (Foia) anymore. Back then I could average 20mph from Silves to Monchique  16 on the way down my clubmates claimed 60+mph  16
Happy days  8
The main coast road was/is s**t, just a race track, but it did/does have a hard shoulder to ride on. I think it was the most dangerous road in Europe in terms of deaths per km  22
One of the things I remember was being chased by dogs uphill  20 They position themselves at intervals and you have to sprint or be eaten  2
I do remember being very welcome everywhere as a cyclist and never had any problems with any motorists, the roads I rode on were quiet, wide and smooth except for a few bomb crater like potholes!
I am very jealous and getting all nostalgic.... don't forget the factor 50 sunblock!
I had better not mention the amoebic dysentery I caught there....... whoops, I just did  31
Forget I said it....
Please let me know how it went as I would love to go back