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by 7thGalaxy   July 21, 2014  


I've just finished building my first wheels, and really enjoyed it. They were a set of 36/32 tiagras on touring rims, laced X3 for touring/audaxing, so pretty conventional.

I would like to upgrade my performance bike's wheels to something a bit stiffer and more responsive than the current Shimano 500s. I'm 6'6" and find that when I'm really powering the bike, the wheel flexes and I can hear the rear derailleur clipping the spokes occasionally. I suspect the only way to prevent this is to get a stronger wheel.

I'd also like to try building these ones myself! So, where can I go about getting more performance directed rims & spokes? I'm not out to race (yet) so I don't want anything too fancy, and my budget isn't huge. I'd like to get some deepish rims - 30mm - and maybe 28 rear 24 front. Has anyone got any suggestions for the rim, and for where I can purchase from?


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cx-rays and H Plus Sons Architypes .... try

still on the 3rd switch-back of Bwlch !

posted by therevokid [922 posts]
21st July 2014 - 11:15


FLO appear to have the 30 rim in stock which sounds like it would fit the bill:

you do have to take into account shipping/taxes though

posted by olic [46 posts]
21st July 2014 - 16:02

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Good place to start and the whole website is good, h plus son rims do seem a good shout, strong and a touch wider so better tyre shape if you run wider tyres (25mm+).

posted by Charles_Hunter [123 posts]
22nd July 2014 - 9:40

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