Carbon or Aluminium

by bingham2259   January 3, 2010  

After riding a very old bike for many years I am ready to upgrade and spend some quite serious money. Do I buy a carbon or aluminium framed bike. It will be used for commuting and enjoyment cycling as opposed to out and out racing. What are the pro's and cons of both? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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there's a bit of chat about this here:

if you're going to splash out then i'd go for the best frame and wheel package you can get for the money - you can always upgrade the other kit as it wears out, and the frame and wheels are the two things that'll reward your spend best. Often that'll be a Carbon frame if you're throwing a lot of money at it, but not always.

You don't mention steel or titanium - have you ruled them out?

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7856 posts]
3rd January 2010 - 10:27


or you could get the best of both like a bmc racemaster!
actually Giant do one as well, if you were going all alu I'd at least want carbon rear stays but most frames will do at the "serious money" stage

posted by godihatehills [15 posts]
7th January 2010 - 16:05


Thanks for advice. I have chosen a Bianchi carbon frame that appears to suit all my needs. Also, the shop owner was extremely helpful and gave some quality advice without steering me to any particular bike. Therefore the decision has been mine with the knowledge I have gleened over the past couple of months of doing my homework.

posted by bingham2259 [3 posts]
8th January 2010 - 18:37