can't believe i'm asking this but, i had the edge touring and basically if i didn't want to use turn by turn, i simply loaded course/map, selected it and instead of clicking 'Ride', i just cicked the start button, that put the course line color of road turns etc onto the map i was viewing when cycling, so i just followed the line, easy as.

i can't seem to do this with the edge 1000? i do the same but can never see the course lines. do you have to use turn by turn??! i must be missing something.



wellcoordinated [206 posts] 3 years ago

I don't believe there is an option to turn off turn-by-turn on the Edge 1000. However if you do into the profile, then navigation, you can turn off the recalculate option and the navigation will probably be much more to you liking.

At this price there ought to be an option to tun off navigation but then again it's just one more disappointment with anything Garmin.

stevetaylor20 [6 posts] 3 years ago

Thanks for the reply, i figured it out. so annoying! If you just want to manually follow a route then obviously copy the course to the edge, then in the settings of this course, set the option, i thin it's called, 'Always show on map'.

Then open the course, select Map, then instead of clicking Ride, just press the physical start button on the edge. This will allow you to just manually follow the coloured line on the map of the route at your own leisure not being forced into one road or whatever!

I just don't like turn by turn!