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by Gkam84   July 20, 2014  

Hi all, thought I'd see what is out there.

I am buying a track bike to help a young Scottish racer out. I have a couple lined up, but the cogs are going slow in getting replies. So I thought I'd try here and see what might come up.

So a track bike, 54/55cm.....What you got?


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posted by Gkam84 [9367 posts]
22nd July 2014 - 20:08


Put an ad on braveheart, plus Allister Watson (rigmar racers / ecc) usually has track stuff to shift.

All Campag

posted by Flying Scot [892 posts]
22nd July 2014 - 20:29


I have a Felt TK-2. It's a nice, cheap alloy bike that has some shortcomings (alloy dropouts that are soft, plus they are too short so I need 2 chains, 1 a link shorter) but is fast enough for me while I am learning the ropes.

For my next bike I will probably get a Dolan. At 450 quid for a whole bike, the Pre-Cursa would be a great value bike for your lad.

posted by Gordy748 [105 posts]
22nd July 2014 - 20:34


Currently look at a Fuji Track 1.0 and a custom Pearson and a LA Piovra Air.

She's got a Dolan Forza for velodrome stuff, but it is for grass tracking. So not looking for anything hugely fancy, just good enough to get her going. The Forza is far to good to be racing on anything other than a velodrome.

Since posting this I have agreed to help another rider out. So actually after two bikes now. Buying them through my business then letting them use them, once they are finished, I'll find others to help out and keep the bikes in use.

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posted by Gkam84 [9367 posts]
22nd July 2014 - 21:08